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Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini

Get ready for one of the smallest and most powerful refurbished iPh… Read More

Get ready for one of the smallest and most powerful refurbished iPhones on the market right now! With a perfect palm sized design, stellar cameras and great battery life, the iPhone 13 Mi…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find The Best Deals On Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini on Doji

The Apple iPhone 13 Mini is the smallest in the iPhone 13 range, a perfectly sized phone for smaller hands, plus it still comes with a load of advanced features and Apple’s quality guarantee. The little sibling of the iPhone 13 has excellent battery life, boasting up to 17 hours of video playback and 55 hours of audio. It’s also been upgraded to Apple’s new A15 Bionic chip and the wide and ultrawide rear cameras have seen updates too!

The iPhone 13 Mini is still available on the Apple Store from £649, but you can pick it up for a much better price, refurbished on the Doji trading platform. All products on our website have passed a 52-point quality check. Plus, you get a 12-month warranty and a 30-day returns policy.

Browse our platform for the best refurbished iPhone 13 Mini deals and buy with confidence and transparency. Check buy and sell prices in real time to scout your best deal.

What Are The Key Features of a Reconditioned iPhone 13 Mini?

Here are the iPhone 13 Mini features we love the most:

  • 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display
  • A15 Bionic chip with 4-core GPU
  • 5G Experience
  • Ultra Wide and Wide cameras
  • Storage capacity of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • All-day battery life
  • Available in Midnight, (Product)Red, Blue Pink and Starlight

What Does Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini Mean?

An iPhone 13 Mini refurbished means that you can have a flawlessly working iPhone for much less. Not all second-hand, used phones are refurbished. The initial buyer might have changed their mind after the purchase, or they may just want to go for the latest model and get some extra cash by selling their old iPhone.

Refurbished Apple products traded via the Doji platform are checked and repaired (if necessary) by experts to ensure they work great and look like new. Moreover, our refurbished iPhones are data-wiped and SIM-free so that you can choose your desired mobile network provider and save more money on your contract.

Here’s our grading assessment for iPhones:

  • Like New: Has all its features working 100%. It has at least 80% battery health, with no scratches, dents or cracks on the front screen or back. It is SIM-free and eligible for our returns policy and warranty.
  • Very Good: Turns on perfectly and has all its features working 100%. It has at least 80% battery health and no visible cracks, dents or scratches on the screen or back. It is SIM-free (unlocked) and eligible for our 12-month warranty and 30-day returns policy. Only the housing may be scratched but not cracked or dented.
  • Good: Turns on perfectly and all features work 100%. It has at least 80% battery health. The display is in good condition, but it might feature light discolouration - no dead pixels or touch problems, though. It comes with no cracks or dents on the screen or back. It is SIM-free and eligible for our warranty and returns policy.
  • Needs Repair: The device includes all its components and has no missing parts. It might have software issues; however, it turns on. One or more features, such as speakers or cameras, might not work properly. The screen and/or back might have dents, cracks or scratches. It is SIM-free but not eligible for our warranty and returns policy.

Is It A Good Deal To Buy An iPhone 13 Mini Today?

You can get it at a much lower price from a reliable refurbished iPhone trading platform like Doji.

The iPhone 13 Mini was released in 2021 alongside the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It features updated cameras, smaller notches, faster A15 chip, new colours, stunning display and 512GB max storage capacity. It has 2340x1080 resolution with 476 pixels per inch for great picture quality. It also supports 4K video recording at up to 60 fps.

At Doji, you will find the best deals on a refurbished iPhone 13 Mini without spending a fortune. Get your favourite Apple smartphone from our platform and save a huge amount vs its original price!

Why Should You Buy A Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini? Is It Safe?

All refurbished iPhone 13 Minis sold through Doji have undergone full functional checks and a thorough data cleaning to ensure they work and look like new. Plus, if you buy from Doji, you get them at a much more affordable rate than their original cost and with a 12-month warranty.

It is safe to buy a refurbished iPhone 13 Mini if you carefully choose a safe and trusted refurbished iPhone trading platform like Doji. In this case, you have nothing to worry about, as your new iPhone will have gone through our 52-point Quality Check, and all price and condition information will be fully transparent.

Moreover, buying a second-hand, refurbished iPhone Mini is good for the environment, considering that when a new phone is produced, it generates around 85KG of CO2.

When buying an iPhone from Doji you help us save the world, and reduce the impact of tech products on our planet's health by preventing e-waste and supporting the preservation of rainforests - thanks to our partnership with One Tribe, every product sold through Doji helps to protect 5 trees in the rainforest!

What Is The Price of An iPhone 13 Mini?

You could pick up a new iPhone 13 Mini from Apple in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB for £649, £759 and £979 respectively. But you could pick up a refurbished iPhone 13 512GB with a saving of over £300 on Doji!

You’re getting a great deal while getting the same 12-month warranty and a 30-day returns policy as a new phone.

Can I Buy An Unlocked iPhone 13 Mini?

Yes, Doji trades unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 13 Mini handsets at the most attractive prices in the UK.

An unlocked or sim-free smartphone does not include a SIM card and does not come with a monthly contract to pay to a particular network provider.

Get a refurbished, SIM-free iPhone 13 Mini from the Doji platform and choose your desired wireless provider!

How’s the iPhone 13 Mini Battery Life? Do they have new batteries?

The iPhone 13 Mini has a larger battery than previous iPhone models, enabling the phone to last for up to 17 hours of video playback and around 55 hours of audio playback.

To review your iPhone’s battery health, go to settings > battery, and tap Battery Health & Charging. There, you can find information about the battery’s peak performance, overall capacity and any required service updates.

Doji’s 'Like New', 'Very Good' and 'Good' Grades for the iPhone 13 Mini model include a battery of equal or better quality than their original. Experienced technicians have thoroughly checked the batteries of the iPhones being traded on our platform to ensure they retain at least 80% of the original battery capacity. Plus, you get them at a much lower price and with a 12-month warranty!

What does each iPhone 13 Mini come with?

The iPhone 13 Mini comes with significant upgrades in performance and design. When we deliver your iPhone 13 Mini our sustainable packaging won't include any accessories, chargers and cables - we found that most people already had these, so we wanted to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

We made sure that our packaging is having the smallest impact it can on our planet. It’s 100% recyclable, as it’s made from recycled board and self-adhesive foam. There’s even some tips inside to help you dispose of it!

Should you buy the iPhone 13 Mini, or is the iPhone 12 Mini still a better option?

Not sure whether you should upgrade to the iPhone 13 Mini or the iPhone 12 Mini? At Doji, we want to help you make an informed decision and find the product that's perfect for you - see how the specifications compare here.