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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

Are you looking for an affordable iPhone 12 Pro? Buy unlocked (sim-… Read More

Are you looking for an affordable iPhone 12 Pro? Buy unlocked (sim-free) and refurbished Apple products from Doji! Each pre-owned iPhone has been through the Doji 52-point check to ensure…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find The Best Deals On Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro at Doji

Find the best deals on refurbished iPhone 12 Pro only at Doji! We are a smart trading platform for refurbished smartphones for anyone looking to get an iPhone that looks and works like new, at an amazing price. Our way of buying and selling iPhones is seamless, reliable, hassle-free, trusted, and above all else, safe for our customers!

Responsible consumers will be pleased to know that with every purchase from Doji, you help protect 5 trees!

Apple sells more than 1 million new iPhones every day, this causes environmental damage but it also means millions of used phones are available every month.

At Doji, you can get a used iPhone 12 Pro that works and looks up to the highest standards, as it has been through our 52-point verification check. Additionally, we provide a 12-month warranty and a 30-day returns policy.

What Are The Key Features of a Reconditioned iPhone 12 Pro?

Many features make the iPhone 12 Pro stand out from previous iPhones, such as:

  • 6.1 inches OLED Super Retina XDR display
  • Apple A14 Bionic (5 nm) system chip
  • Hexa-core, 3100 MHz, 64-bit processor
  • 2815 mAh battery capacity
  • 12 MP (OIS, PDAF) main camera
  • Superior video quality 3840x2160 (4K UHD)
  • 5G connectivity
  • Available in Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver, and Graphite.

What Does Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Mean?

Sellers of refurbished items repair everything that's not working properly. They then test the device to ensure it's in perfect working order. They also clean it and often replace worn exterior parts, such as the surface or buttons. So when you purchase a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro, it should look, feel, and work like new.

All Apple products you’ll find on the Doji platform are data wiped, SIM-free, professionally cleaned, battery, hardware, and software checked, and repaired if necessary.

Moreover, they come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day returns policy to offer you complete peace of mind.

Is It a Good Deal to Buy an iPhone 12 Pro Today?

For some people, a smartphone is old and outdated as soon as a new flagship model is announced.

However, the iPhone 12 Pro still packs a punch while saving you cash!

If you’re in the market for an affordable iPhone with a great camera, long battery life, and a high-quality display, a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro is absolutely worth it, especially after considering the savings that come with purchasing a slightly used model.

Why Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro? Is It Safe?

Some customers are still sceptical when it comes to buying refurbished tech devices. But if your end goal is to save money on your purchase, going for a refurbished iPhone is a fantastic idea. Refurbished products are thoroughly checked and repaired to look and work like new.

Buying a refurbished iPhone is also a great option for those who wish to get their first iPhone at a cheap cost.

The more important thing is to ensure you buy your favourite refurbished iPhone from a trusted retailer of refurbished tech products like Doji.

What is The Price of An iPhone 12 Pro?

Apple has dropped the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max to make room for the brand-new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If you’re opting for an iPhone 12 Pro at a really cheap price, then look for the best deals on refurbished iPhones on the Doji platform! You can find an iPhone 12 Pro on the Doji Trading Platform from £456.

Can I Buy An Unlocked iPhone 12 Pro?

Yes! At Doji, you can find the best unlocked (sim-free) iPhone 12 Pro deals in the UK market. This allows you to use any phone carrier and upgrade your device whenever you want.

How’s The iPhone 12 Pro Battery Life? Do They Have New Batteries?

According to Apple, all iPhones are designed to maintain a maximum charge level of 80% for their first 500 full charging cycles. In particular, the iPhone 12 Pro model could last moderate users a day and a half on a single charge.

Doji’s 'Excellent', 'Very Good' and 'Good' grades for the iPhone 12 Pro model come with excellent battery life. They are thoroughly tested to ensure the battery retains at least 80% of its original capacity as brand-new. Plus, you get them at a much more affordable price and with a 12-month warranty for total peace of mind.

What Does Each iPhone 12 Pro Come With?

When we deliver your iPhone 12 Pro our sustainable packaging won't include any accessories, chargers and cables - we found that most people already had these, so we wanted to be as sustainable as possible.

We made sure that our packaging is having the smallest impact it can on our planet. It’s 100% recyclable, as it’s made from recycled board and self-adhesive foam. There’s even some tips inside to help you dispose of it!

Should you buy an iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro?

Not sure whether you should upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone 13 Pro? At Doji, we want to help you make an informed decision and find the product that's perfect for you - see how the specifications compare here.