Trees Are The Key Awareness Week

Trees Are The Key

Do you know what trees really do for us? Trees are the key to solving many of the world’s problems. We need them to maintain a healthy environment for every inhabitant of our planet. They help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is absorbed from the atmosphere, combating climate change.

This week we’ve been commemorating Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, an initiative set up by The World Forest Organisation. It aims to educate and raise awareness around the real importance of trees to our environment and us. As well as cleaning our air and helping to reduce carbon dioxide, trees provide habitats and a range of produce to people around the world. They provide materials for housing, fruit, nuts, and even medicine.

A tree frog in the Brazilian Rainforest - animals like this will be losing habitats and food sources due to deforestation

Simply put, trees are essential for life on Earth as we know it. And yet, despite their importance, they are being cut down at an alarming rate. Deforestation is happening all over the world, and it’s estimated that we are losing around 18 million acres of forest every year. That’s the equivalent of 27 football pitches worth of trees disappearing every minute!

Deforestation also has a huge impact on the wildlife that lives in forests. Habitat loss is one of the main reasons for species decline and extinction. When trees are cut down, animals lose their homes and food sources.

So to continue to honour our commitment to the environment, we’ve decided to partner with our friends over at One Tribe and join the Tr[1]be fighting the climate crisis.

What is One Tribe? How am I helping?

One Tribe partners with businesses to help with rainforest protection. It connects us, and you, directly to charities that help protect the rainforests and the indigenous tribes that live there. These charities fund projects to help protect the land and save it for future generations. 

From the 22nd April Doji customers will be making even more of a positive environmental impact with every purchase! You won’t only be directly contributing to a reduction in global e-waste, you’ll be helping to support the lungs of our planet by preserving trees in the rainforest with #OneTribe.

What we love about One Tribe? 

One Tribe has decided to go a step further in the fight against climate change. It knows that protecting trees is the best way to remove and store carbon quickly. In fact for the same cost of planting 1 tree, which normally absorbs 53.1 kilos of Carbon, they are protecting 20 trees. This makes their actions much more impactful, 73x more impactful, and those 20 trees will absorb 3900kg of carbon by 2030!


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