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Join us on our mission to grow the circular economy and make UK's shopping behaviour more sustainable.

Who are we?

In 2019, during a course at the University of Oxford, three strangers met and soon became great friends, sharing a love for entrepreneurship, new technologies and solving riddles.

Fernando, Satyen and Bilal spent many late nights debating idea after idea, and in one of those nights, driven by their struggle to find a transparent and convenient way to buy everyday tech goods, Doji was born.

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Your next smartphone could be better, cheaper and greener! On Doji you can get your hands on quality pre-owned phones, for a fraction of the retail price, all while helping the planet by avoiding new carbon emissions and electronic waste!

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Help the world

Buy on Doji to help us save the world one device at a time. Reducing the impact of tech products on our planet's health, preventing e-waste, and supporting the preservation of rainforests.

+ 85KG of CO2 that is generated when a new phone is produced.
+ In 2021 the electronic waste we created weighed more than the Great Wall of China.
+ The UK is one of the worst producers of e-waste globally.

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