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Apple iPad 5th Gen (2017)Silver - Wi-Fi + Cellular - 32GB - Very Good - Unlocked


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Wi-Fi + Cellular

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12-month warranty + 30-day return

Free 2-5 day delivery

83%+ battery health on all devices

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Mar 03 2024
Phone was exactly as described and frankly exceeded my expectations. It arrived, almost anonymously, in fuss free but effective packaging within the specified timeframe. As I have not had any recourse to the 30 day money back guarantee or warrant…Read More
Verified Review
Mar 03 2024
Hi I received faulty product and I think they don’t double check and inspect the product as well.
Verified Review
Reply from Doji on Mar 03 2024
Hello Harshad, I trust this message finds you well. Thank you for sharing your feedback; it holds significant value for us. Regarding the concern you raised, we've already communicated privately to clarify that the messages on your phone don't …Read More
Daniella Anetova do
Mar 02 2024
At first I was hesitant about the idea of a refurbished phone and a bit anxious about the condition of the phone . However when the phone arrived in just 2 days my first thought was WOW there was not a single scratch on the phone is fully functio…Read More
Verified Review
Mar 02 2024
quick delivery and perfect device
Verified Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions

Return and 1 year warranty



Most asked questions

Does Doji have a warranty policy?

Yes, all products sold on Doji’s trading platform are covered with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return policy.

Are the devices unlocked?

Yes, all smartphones and tablets traded on Doji platform are unlocked to any Network SIM Card and the device is always verified before it goes to its new owner.

Are all devices sold on Doji verified?

Yes, every device sold through Doji’s platform is put through a 52-point check and use PhoneCheck to verify all items - to ensure the work and look great. All Professional Sellers on Doji perform the same extensive verification process determined by Doji, so that we can guarantee that all items are verified before they are sent to you.

What are the main differences between the devices' conditions?

The main differences are cosmetic:

'Excellent' condition: The screen of the device looks pristine, with no marks at all. The sides and back of the device may have a few micro scratches. Battery health capacity of at least 85%.

'Very Good' condition: The screen of the device may have a few micro scratches, invisible when holding the device at arm's length. The sides and back of the device may have small scratches, but no scuffs, dents or cracks. Battery health capacity of at least 83%.

'Good' condition: The screen of the device may have small scratches that can be visible if holding the device at arm's length, but invisible in normal use when the display is on. The sides and back may have small scratches and minor scuffs and chips visible, but no dents or cracks. Battery health capacity of at least 83%.

All the devices are going to be fully working and battery percentage at least 83% for all the conditions. To better understand our grading and verification process click here.

How good is the device's battery?

We guarantee that the battery will have at least a 83% battery health. This means that it will work perfectly. Since Doji is a trading platform, we are not able to provide detailed battery information about each phone - they could have 83%, 85%, or a battery health over 90%.

What is Doji's delivery and shipment policy?

All products on Doji are shipped directly from our verified professional seller, which go through extensive verification and grading alignment before they can sell on Doji, so that we can guarantee all products are held to our standards. We currently estimate around 2 to 5 business days to deliver your device. If you have any issues with delivery, just send us a message and we will hapily sort it for you. You will never have to deal directly with any seller, Doji has got you covered.

Can I return my item?

Yes, Doji has a 30-day return policy. If you want to return your item, you can do this through our help desk ( or via the Doji Android / IOS Apps:

1. Login to your account
2. Go to your Profile - Buying - History
3. Click on 'Details' of the order you want to return
4. Click on 'I'd like to return'

We'll move forward with the replacement or refund as soon as we receive and verify the phone.

How do I contact Doji?

You can contact us via email at, we also have Live Chat available on our platform, or you can contact us on WhatsApp +44 7418 371886.

Return and 1 year warranty

How does Doji's 12-month warranty work?

Yes, all products are covered with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return policy.

If you bought a product and it has any malfunction during the 12-month warranty, all you have to do is contact us via and we’ll work to find a solution for you as quickly as possible.

The warranty includes: all technical malfunctions. The warranty does not include: physical damage, accidental damage, such as water damage, loss, theft or repairs such as screen replacements by a non-authorised party. The warranty does not cover: any non-refurbished device; consumable parts, such as batteries, charger cable, AC plug; cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, broken screen, or broken case; damage caused by use with another product; damage caused by operating the product outside the Manufacturer guidelines (e.g. Apple, Samsung, Google and others); accidental damage such as water.

How can I return my item?

If you want to return your item, you can use our Website or Android / IOS Apps to get the process started, simply:

1. Login to your account
2. Go to your Profile - Buying - History
3. Click on 'Details' of the order you want to return
4. Click on I'd like to return

We'll move forward with the replacement or refund as soon as we receive and verify the phone.

After returning, how long will it take for my money to be refunded?

Once we receive the product and verify it, your money will be immediately released to your Doji account for you to withdraw it. Once you withdraw it, it will be available in your bank account within 2 business days.


What is Klarna?

Klarna is a payment solution that allows you to get what you want today, and pay over time. You can use Klarna to pay via credit or debit card, or to break the cost of your purchase into smaller payments.

How can I pay with Klarna?

To pay with Klarna, first you have to make an account with them. Once you're set up, simply login via Doji and you'll be able to make your payment.

Klarna allows you to pay in a couple of ways:

a) Pay in full, via your chosen credit or debit card.
b) Split the cost of your purchase into 3x smaller payments.

Why Do I Need to Create an Account with Klarna?

Klarna handles the details of your payment, and your payment schedule. You have to create an account with Klarna to set this up with them.

Please bear in mind that when you make a purchase with Klarna you're entering a credit agreement with them.

Why Can't I Make an Offer with Klarna?

Trying to make an offer with Klarna? Unfortunately this feature is only available with Buy Now prices at the moment, we hope to add Klarna as a payment solution within offers soon.


How long does it take to get my phone or tablet?

Currently, we estimate it will take up to 5 business days for your device to be delivered, although it can be much less

Where is my order and when is it going to arrive?

Once your order is shipped, you should have received an email from Doji with all shipping and delivery information. This email has a link included so you can check the status of your delivery - if you need any additional help contact us through

Do you have express delivery?

At the moment we are not providing express delivery.