A Guide To Buying Refurbished Phones UK

Put off by the high cost of a new phone handset, let alone a pricey sim contract?

Given the cost of living crisis we don’t blame you. If there’s one thing we can help you with here at Doji, it’s purchasing a cheap phone as we only sell refurbished phones. With endless high end models to choose from, Doji could save you £££s+ compared with buying a new handset. 

Furthermore, 22 million Brits are considering purchasing a refurbished phone for their next handset due to the cost of living crisis, according to USwitch. In total, it’s estimated purchasing a refurbished phone would save those surveyed £2 billion. Are you ready to join them? 

If so, we’ve put together the following guide on buying refurbished phones to help you make an informed purchase.

But if you can’t wait to start shopping for your next phone, simply head to browse all refurbished phones for sale to get started. 

P.S: Be prepared for some incredible savings! 

What Is A Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone is a phone that is pre-owned. This could range from the phone having never been switched on by the previous owner, to having been well used. But more about that in a sec. 

Think about it. At some point, we all want to trade in or upgrade our phones for a newer model. But quite often, that handset still works perfectly well.

Instead of the handset ending up in a drawer somewhere, the owner could decide to sell it, and as the phone isn’t delivered straight from the original factory it will be known as a refurbished phone.

Not all refurbished phones are created equal. Here at Doji, we only partner with sellers who inspect each phone before it is sold on to a buyer. Different grades will be attached to the product listing to describe the condition of the phone. A 12-month warranty will also be supplied on all refurbished phones.

So in a nutshell, a refurbished phone is another term for a second hand phone. Though as noted, Doji refurbished phones offer more protection than you might be used to compared with other platforms. 

Refurbished Phone Benefits

If you’re in search of a cheap phone, refurbished handsets are the way to go. But if you’ve never purchased a pre-owned handset, allow us to share some of the top perks with you. 

Cost Of Living Friendly

You don’t need us to tell you how costs are rising on practically everything these days. Given having a phone is an essential part of modern life, why pay over the odds for one?

Refurbished handsets instantly cut the cost of phone ownership. Pair your new Doji purchase with a cheap sim plan, and could save some serious cash. 

You Won’t Be Locked Into A Monthly Phone Contract

It’s fine agreeing to a 12, 24 or even a 36-month phone contract when you go to purchase a handset.

But what happens if your household costs increase, you lose your job, or have any other financial emergency? Your phone company will still expect you to pay your handset bill, because you’re locked into a contract with them.

Purchasing your handset outright helps you understand the total cost of your phone. Not only will your handset contract not increase (because you won’t have one!), but if you purchase a refurbished handset on Doji, it will be cheaper too. 

Refurbished Phones Are Ideal If You Have A Low Credit Score

If you have a low credit score, it’s not only very frustrating but it can take years for your score to recover again. While you wait, you may not be eligible for credit on items including a new phone handset on contract. 

Ironically, even performing a credit check to see if you’re eligible may lower your credit score. 

Purchasing a phone outright from Doji on a debit or credit card does not involve any credit checks, because you’re paying for the cost of your phone upfront. 

So long as you have the money in your account to pay for the handset at the checkout, it’s yours regardless of your credit score. 

So Many Phone Handsets To Choose From! 

Think you have to settle for less if you opt for a refurbished phone? Think again. 

Here at Doji, we stock all the big names including iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and many more. 

It’s up to you what phone brand and model you’d prefer, along with the condition of the phone you find acceptable. 

The only difference with a refurbished phone is the lower price compared with buying a brand new handset! 

What To Look For When Buying Refurbished Phones

We know how tempting it is to hop on Facebook or eBay and search for cheap phones for sale. 

However, we strongly recommended only buying a refurbished phone from trusted sellers, like the ones you find on Doji. Plus, we provide a 12-month warranty on every refurbished phone. This is sadly not the case elsewhere. 

Here’s a summary of what to consider before buying a refurbished phone:

  • Battery health 
  • Battery life 
  • Budget
  • Buyer reputation
  • Customer support
  • Independent grading 
  • Payment methods 
  • Phone manufacturer
  • Phone model
  • Phone condition
  • Platform reputation
  • Storage capabilities
  • Sustainability efforts 
  • Warranty

In short, take the time to consider all of these aspects, including anything else that’s important to you. 

Doing so will ensure you are less likely to fall victim to scams, or simply be unhappy with your purchase. This is especially the case if you purchase a refurbished phone elsewhere than Doji, since we have a very rigorous process in place to ensure your customer satisfaction, as noted above. 

Learn more about how to cope with the cost of living crisis here.

Refurbished Phones UK FAQs

Have some questions about all things refurbished phones for sale?

We’ve answered some of the most common queries below. But if you’d like to chat further, please drop us a message

You can also follow Doji on Facebook and Instagram, or find us on the app store (Google Play/App Store). 

Are Refurbished Phones Good?

If a refurbished phone undergoes a 52-point checking system to grade it as is the case at Doji, then yes refurbished phones are very good! We can’t say the same if buying a random phone on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, especially without buyer and seller protection in place. 

Are Giffgaff Refurbished Phones Good?

Not to brag, but we have never shopped at Giffgaff as here at Doji we have our own vast supply of refurbished phones to choose from. However, you may wish to check out independent customer reviews of Giffgaff to help make your mind up for yourself. 

Where to Buy Refurbished Phones

Doji is the UK’s best online marketplace for all things refurbished tech including refurbished phones. 

Do Refurbished Phones Have New Batteries?

Unless otherwise stated, refurbished phones will have their original battery. Any phones sold on Doji must have a minimum battery health of 80%. In cases where you wish to replace a battery in a refurbished phone, this is usually still far cheaper compared with buying a brand new handset. 

Are eBay Refurbished Phones Good?

We recommend being careful when you buy refurbished phones on eBay. Please see our article ‘Is Buying A Phone On eBay Safe?’ for further details.

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