Best Cheap Phones In 2023

In search of the best cheap phones?

You’re in the right place here at Doji. We’re the UK’s newest online marketplace for refurbished tech. Here you can purchase all the best names including Apple, Google, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and more. All for a fraction of the cost of buying a new handset!

How Doji works is that you select the handset you want, and the condition acceptable for your needs. You can either buy the phone for a set price or make the seller an offer. Unlike buying elsewhere, we inspect the phone before you receive it to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Our aim is to slash the cost of buying a new phone. We’ve compiled the following tips to guide your search when browsing cheap phones for sale on our website.  

P.S: Our prices are subject to change on the fast moving Doji marketplace. Not to worry though! You can see our cheapest phones for today right here

Cheap iPhones

We know how it goes. You watch the latest Apple event, or even see your friends show off their latest iPhone and you want one too. Then you look at the cost of buying a new Apple handset (especially in a cost of living crisis!) and have to think twice. 

It’s worth remembering that Apple phones are built to last, meaning you don’t always need the latest model to get a fantastic handset. Apple also can replace the battery on older handsets which can work out way cheaper than buying a new handset. In some cases iPhone battery replacement is even free. 

Here at Doji, we stock iPhones ranging from the iPhone 6 to the latest release (at the time of writing) the iPhone 14

If you’re after an iPhone with Apple’s latest camera technology, then look for an iPhone 11 and above. These are priced starting around £200 on Doji.

For a great all-rounder you can’t beat the reinvented classic, the iPhone SE 2020 starting at around £110. This model was also voted the best iPhone for seniors due to its ease of use (though is of course, suitable for all ages!)

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Cheap Samsung Phones

Samsung is a solid choice for anyone who prefers an Android phone.

With their crisp screens, amazing camera capabilities and handy productivity features, the Samsung Galaxy series remains as popular as ever. Samsung phones as a whole have often been praised for being cheaper than Apple, making them ideal for those on a budget.

Samsung is also well known for its Pen Pro gadgets and folding phones, setting them apart from other manufacturers on the market.

Price wise, you can expect to pick up a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 for well under £100.

A slightly newer model would be the Samsung Galaxy S20 Dual Sim which was released in 2020. These can be found for around £180 refurbished, which is a great deal considering the latest Samsung handset (the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra) costs £1,599 direct from Samsung.

That means if you shop around on Doji, you can pick up a refurbished Samsung handset for around 10% of the cost compared with buying a new handset! 

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Cheap Google Pixel Phones

Let’s be honest, Google Pixel phones have always been cool. But at £724 on contract direct from Google, the irony is you’re probably here because…you Googled a cheaper alternative. 

We’re glad to welcome you to Doji, where you can find Google Pixel phones starting at under £100! 

At the cheaper end of the scale is the Google Pixel 3a. Ironically, tech reviewers dubbed this handset the ‘birth of the affordable Google phone’.

You can shop right up to the Google Pixel 7 on Doji. We recommend comparing features, memory capacity and conditions until you find the best cheap Google phone for your needs. 

Shop all cheap Google Pixel phones at Doji

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We sell a wide range of refurbished phones including Apple, Google, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia,  

Sony, Xiaomi and many more. New phones for sale are added on our site every day. We recommend checking our website regularly so you don’t miss out. Don’t want to miss our latest cheap phone offers? Follow Doji on Facebook and Instagram to keep to date with our handset deals. Or find us on the App Store.

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