Cost of Living Friendly Phones

The cost of living crisis has been tough for everyone. Whether you’re trying to manage your energy bills or just afford the essentials, if you’ve been struggling then you’re not alone.

With the current economic climate in mind, the cost of a new phone is one expense we’re sure you can do without. After all, costly handsets coupled with sim plan contracts soon add up!

Doji is here to support you in affording the cost of a new phone. We supply refurbished handsets for popular smartphone makes including Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and many more.

All of our phones are independently graded for condition by our team, and this grading will be displayed on the product page. This means unlike buying phones on social media or eBay - Doji provides a transparent and trusted method of buying second hand phones you can actually rely on. We’ll carefully inspect your handset before you buy it, allowing you to purchase a refurbished phone with confidence.

Best of all, our sim-free phones are a fraction of the cost of buying new direct from the high street!

Coping with the cost of living crisis

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Why the cost of living crisis proves refurbished phones make sense

Even before the cost of living crisis - the cost of buying a new phone was getting ridiculous.

Take the new iPhone 14 Pro Max as an example. This handset is currently being sold by one phone provider for £119 per month on the highest data plan. With a 24-month minimum term that would cost you at least £2,856.

That figure is before add-ons and the yearly price increase of 3.9% written in small print. So, we can safely assume you’d spend around £3,000 in two years - just on a phone!

Coincidentally, this figure is now around the average yearly cost of household energy bills and there lies the problem. 

We know that’s just one example, and not all phones and plans are as expensive. However, if there are huge savings to be made for everyone just by shopping for your phone a little differently, why not do so?

As noted above, with Doji, you can select both the make and model, plus the grading of the phone you wish to purchase. This means you can purchase an as-new phone. Or if you want to save the maximum amount of cash, you can opt for a phone with a lower grading.

How will you spend all that extra cash you just saved with Doji? 😎💰

Quick tips to cope with the cost of living crisis

Sell your old phones to help make extra cash

Are you concerned about buying refurbished?

'Like New' phones on Doji cost way less

Shop cheap iPhone and Android phones with Doji

In search of the best sim-free phones? You’ll find cheap unlocked handsets for sale right here on Doji in just five easy steps:

Step 1 ➡️Head to our Buy Smartphones page.

Step 2 ➡️Choose which type of phone you wish to browse. You’ll find all the latest top range handsets including iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus, Nokia, Oppo, Ulefone and Sony phones.

Step 3 ➡️Use the price slider to find phones within your price range. Arrange the results from ‘least to most expensive’ to find our very cheapest phones.

Step 4 ➡️Select your handset model and the condition grade that suits your budget. You’ll then be given the option of buying that phone outright or making an offer to the seller.

Step 5 ➡️Doji will take care of the rest! We’ll keep you up to speed with your order to let you know when your phone will arrive. This is usually within 2-5 days after placing your order. Still need more help? Learn more about how Doji works.

Cost of Living Questions

We know that the cost of living crisis is a worrying time for everyone. We’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

If you need more information on saving money when buying a phone with Doji specifically, check out our buying and selling page. Alternatively, if you're a publication interested in featuring Doji in any cost of living related features please get in touch.
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Is the cost of living crisis global?
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Is the cost of living crisis global?