iPhone 14 Price in the UK: New & Refurbished iPhone 14 Costs

iPhone 14 launch price

Apple iPhone 14 in Starlight showing the start up screen

Apple successfully launched the iPhone 14 series in Early September and October last year (2022). According to CIRP, the 4 iPhone models accounted for 77% of US iPhone sales after their release. Despite expectations of a massive price jump, the series was priced only slightly above the iPhone 13, which was released the prior year.

The lineup is available at Apple stores, starting at £849 for the basic 128 GB iPhone 14 model. Going up to 256 GB costs another £110, while it’s another £220 to get the 512GB model.

If you want the cream of the cake, the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are available in 1 TB models, priced at £1649 and £1749, respectively.

Here’s a visual representation of the Apple iPhone 14 prices in the UK:

iPhone 14 £849 £959 £1,179 -
iPhone 14 Plus £949 £1,059 £1,279 -
iPhone 14 Pro £1,099 £1,209 £1,429 £1,649
iPhone 14 Pro Max £1,199 £1,309 £1,529 £1,749

Upgrading to a new iPhone is tempting- you get a better camera, battery life, and improved performance. And the Pro lineup also has impressive features, such as the Dynamic Island (which replaces the notch), the new A16 Bionic processor and a 48-megapixel camera sensor. However, a new iPhone is priced pretty high -paying 1500 pounds for a phone may not be wise, especially given the current economic situation. Plus, it’s not environmentally friendly.

A better option is going for a refurbished phone. Unlike second-hand phones, the seller thoroughly tests the refurbished phones and does minor repairs if needed. At Doji, our handsets also have 30-day returns policies and a year-long warranty.

Buying a refurbished iPhone 14 has another advantage: Since the series was released barely 7 months ago, the device will be pretty new.

iPhone 14 refurbished price

The refurbished iPhone 14 models on Doji cost between £542 and £991. We’ve compared refurbished models with new iPhones in the table below.
iPhone 14
Retail Price
Avg. Refurbished

128GB £849 £575 32% cheaper
256GB £959 £790 17% cheaper
512GB £1,179 £052 19% cheaper


This table shows that the refurbished iPhone 14 models are, on average, 22% cheaper than brand-new iPhones. These aren't our prices; they're the market-rate set by our transparent trading platform. So you get to save money whilst having the benefits of a new iPhone and helping the environment!

How to get cheap iPhone 14 deals

Getting an iPhone deal from your network provider

Most network providers in the UK offer monthly 12-36-month instalment plans with which you can pay off your phone. Although it may sound like a great option when you're strapped for cash, there are many downsides to buying a locked iPhone.

  • You'll be paying more in total as you'll be charged interest with the monthly payments.
  • You'll be locked with your provider, meaning you won't be able to take advantage of cheaper and shorter mobile contracts.
  • If you go abroad, you'll have to pay roaming charges (instead of popping in a local SIM).
  • Unlocked iPhones have higher resale value, meaning you can easily swap them for newer versions.

If buying in instalments is the only way to suit your budget, U-switch has the cheapest iPhone 14 deal as of March 2023, with monthly instalments of £33.99 and a total cost of £894.76. This deal is for the basic iPhone 14 128GB model. 3 Mobile comes second with 43 monthly payments and a total cost of £1032, but most contracts will end up costing you in excess of £1200

Getting a second-hand iPhone deal

iPhone 14 Cameras with glare across the lenses

When you buy a used phone, you're helping build a better planet by reducing e-waste and saving money. Used phones aren't just cheaper; they also retain their value better when resold. In other words, you can sell a used phone closer to what you originally paid for, so you're not losing money.

Second hand iPhones on marketplaces such as eBay may seem like the cheapest deal, with models priced as much as 30% lower than the iPhone 14 launch price. But buying from unregulated sites such as eBay is risky, so inspect the product thoroughly.

Check the wear and tear of the frame, the touch, the camera, the speaker and the ports. Ask them if repairs were made to the device and whether Apple's authorized service providers completed them. Also, ask for the original receipt to confirm how many owners the device has passed through. Compare the IMEI number on the receipt with the device's IMEI number to see if they match.

If the iPhone passes the above checks, you can be sure it's a good deal.

Buying a certified refurbished iPhone 14

Refurbished iPhones give you all the benefits of a used phone but without the hassle. Our team of experts rigorously tests each model with a 52-point check, and we only put it up for sale if it passes.

Plus, we're the only platform that ensures price transparency through our fair trading platform- You bid with the seller and set the price yourself. Bidding guarantees you're getting the cheapest iPhone 14 on the market.

Buying refurbished phones also means protecting the environment by reducing e-waste and energy waste. So click here to buy an iPhone 14 and let's build a better future together.

Customers Also Ask

How much will the iPhone 14 cost?

The iPhone 14 has a starting price of £849 for the 128GB version which is the most affordable iPhone 14 model. They are much cheaper refurbished though and with Doji you still get a 12-month warranty.

How much cheaper is a refurbished iPhone 14?

On average, it’s 20-30% cheaper to buy a refurbished iPhone 14 than a new one. These numbers are from our transparent trading platform, where buyers and sellers set the prices.

Is it cheaper to buy a new iPhone 14 or a refurbished one?

On average, it’s 20-30% cheaper to buy a refurbished iPhone 14 than a new one.

Will the price of the iPhone 14 drop?

In general, iPhones drop in price by around 20-30% within the first year of their release. After that, the price may decline gradually as newer models are released, or it may level off if the phone retains its value well.

Should you buy the iPhone 14 sim free or on contract?

Buying an iPhone sim-free offers more flexibility and is cheaper in the long run, while buying on contract spreads out the cost, so you don’t have to make a lump-sum payment at once. However, contracts charge interest, so you’re paying more overall.

Should you buy a new iPhone 14?

If you’re using iPhone 11 or older, we recommend upgrading to iPhone 13 or 14. Over the past three years, Apple has implemented significant updates to the battery life, performance, screen quality, cameras, and durability, which justify the purchase of a new iPhone. But you can save a load more cash when you buy it refurbished on Doji.


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