iPhone 14 Launch Colours and Release Date

iPhone 14 colours with the release date; pick your favourite shade

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iPhone 14 release date & colours

In September last year, Apple released the iPhone 14, which has a broad colour palette of two old and four fresh shades. While the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus come in these six colours, the iPhone 14 Pro series have an entirely different palette which we’ll get to in another post.

Given how often we use our phones, picking the right colour is essential. So allow us to help you choose the perfect shade. Currently, there are six iPhone 14 colours; Midnight, Starlight, Black, Purple, (Product)Red and Yellow.

Last month (March 2023), Apple unexpectedly launched the new ‘Yellow’ iPhone 14, the 6th shade in the range. This move was probably to boost the 'falling' sales of the iPhone 14, which, according to an iPhone leak, were almost 25% lower than the iPhone Pro series.

Before ‘Yellow’, the most popular iPhone 14 launch colour was Blue, with 27% of users owning the model. Sales of Midnight and Purple followed, at 26% and 22%, respectively. Surprisingly, the colours Starlight and Red were the least popular, each having under 15% of users.

Whichever colour you choose, you get a stunning ceramic-panelled device with flat edges and matte aluminium sides, the same as on the iPhone 13. The dimensions of the 14 series differ however; the iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch screen and the iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.7-inch one.

iPhone 14 Blue

The Blue Apple iPhone 14 is a nice pastel blue colour

The iPhone 14 Blue is a lighter shade than the warm/turquoise Blue of the iPhone 13. It's a muted, pleasant colour resembling the blue sky, and it's been the best-selling shade since its release. The colour resembles the famous Sierra Blue on the iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 14 Purple

The Purple Apple iPhone 14 is a nice soft pastel colour, almost closer to violet

Purple replaces the Pink shade of the iPhone 13. The new purple iPhone 14 is more subtle and less saturated. Although some describe it as violet, it's more of a muted pastel shade.

iPhone 14 Midnight

The Midnight Apple iPhone 14 is the closest to black you can get, although it does have a slightly blue hue

Midnight was introduced with the iPhone 13 lineup, replacing Black as the model's darkest colour. It should not be confused with previous Black, Space Gray, or Graphite devices. Midnight has a slight hint of navy blue, setting it apart from traditional Black. This colour is for you if you like a more classic and restrained look.

iPhone 14 Starlight

The Starlight Apple iPhone 14 is a gentle white with some hints of gold, giving it a warmer look than its predecessor

Apple replaced the White shade in the iPhone 13 lineup with Starlight, which has a warmer, almost pearl or cream-coloured look compared to its predecessor. The Silver edges now contain a hint of gold to complement the new appearance. Though people refer to this shade as iPhone 14 White, it’s more of an off-white.

Starlight is similar to the Silver in the iPhone 14 Pro but has less prominent matte aluminium edges and a warmer, almost champagne tone.

iPhone 14 Product(RED)

The Red Apple iPhone 14 is a bold and vibrant red, but best of all it helps support a worthwhile cause

The red shade in Apple's iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max has been available for non-Pro iPhones for some time now and has been tweaked to be brighter and more saturated in the iPhone 14 release. Apple has partnered with (RED) for this campaign, and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of (Product)RED iPhone 14 devices go to preserving HIV and AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

iPhone 14 Yellow

The Yellow Apple iPhone 14 is the lastest colour, it's vibrant and attention grabbing

Apple once again followed its tradition of launching a new colour for its latest lineup in the spring, and this time they've introduced a vibrant yellow shade. This new yellow shade is a refreshing addition to the series, with a colour between a pastel and banana yellow. Even the frame and camera bump are painted to match the hue, while the Apple logo on the back is a lighter shade of yellow.

Have you decided your favourite iPhone 14 colours?

Apple’s been playing with colours in recent years and adding at least one unique colour to every generation. For the iPhone 14, that’s the new ‘Yellow.’

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Customers also asked

What are the colours of the iPhone 14?

The iPhone 14 leak colours are Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight and Product (Red). A yellow version of the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus has just been released.

Which iPhone 14 Colour is best?

Until now, 'Blue' has been the bestseller, with 'Midnight' and 'Purple' following suit. If you're looking for a unique shade, pastel purple is our favourite. However, to make a statement, go for 'Product (RED)' or 'Yellow' and buy a clear case so the colour is visible.

What colour is starlight?

Starlight is a new colour that was introduced with the iPhone 13. It's Apple's fancy term for off-white. It has a pale gold tint and an elegant matte finish.

What colour is midnight?

Midnight is another new colour that was introduced with the iPhone 13. It's a dark blue colour that looks sleek and modern.

Are new colours coming from Apple?

In March 2023 (last month), Apple launched a new 'Yellow' shade for its iPhone 14 lineup. However, this colour is available for the base iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, not the iPhone 14 Pro lineup.

Is there a yellow iPhone 14?

Yes, Apple released a yellow iPhone 14 in March 2023. Only the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus come in the yellow version. The yellow shade lies between banana-yellow and pastel-yellow.

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