Should You Buy A Refurbished iPad?

When you're buying a new iPad, the price tag can be a little daunting. But what if there was a way to get that same device at a fraction of the cost? Well, you could buy a good quality used iPad instead of a brand-new one? Believe it or not, buying refurbished is becoming an increasingly popular option – and for good reason. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the reasons why buying a refurbished iPad might be the best decision you make this year.

Save Yourself Some Cash

One of the biggest reasons to buy a refurbished iPad is the price. When you buy new, you're paying for all the research and development that went into making that device. But when you buy refurbished, someone else has already footed that bill. You're essentially getting the same product at a fraction of the cost. And if you're worried about quality, don't be. These days, there are loads of reputable sources for refurbished iPads online.

Save The Environment

Save the environment by buying refurbished

Another reason to consider buying refurbished is that it's much more environmentally friendly. Every year, millions of devices end up in landfill. Whether tablets or phones, this e-waste slowly releases harmful chemicals into the environment and damages ecosystems.

This isn't the only environmental damage caused by your smart devices either. With new models brought out annually, the tech industry has a huge reliance on the earth's finite resources. These have to be mined, refined and transported all over the world. By buying refurbished you're becoming part of a circular economy, helping reduce the amount of resources required and reducing the impact of their extraction.

Reputable Sources for Refurbished Tablets

There are loads of places you can buy refurbished iPads online, but you should always bear the reputation of the seller online - and the benefits that come from each:

  • eBay: you can definitely get a really good deal, but you're very unlikely to get a warranty. It can also cost you time and money to fix any issues with the devices.
  • Facebook Marketplace: very risky generally.
  • Amazon: great quality refurbished tech, but you're buying from Amazon so it can be more costly. You can get warranties, but there are also fraudulent sellers around.

Finally, there's Doji. Doji is an auction site, similar to eBay. You're able to make offers on products, or chose to buy now. The difference is that only certified and professional sellers are allowed to list one Doji, and they check every product for: quality, condition, battery health, and any damage to the camera, screen, or body. If there are any issues, we get them sorted or find you another option.

So there you have it – three good reasons to consider buying a refurbished iPad instead of a brand-new one. When you factor in the cost savings and environmental benefits, it's hard to argue with buying refurbished.


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