Mental Health Awareness Week: Top Tips For Working From Home

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and we thought we'd take the opportunity to share our top tips for surviving working from home. The world has felt really up and down recently, it can feel like there are loads of things out of our control. Working remotely has provided many people with more flexibility in their lives, but it can lead to feelings of isolation. There are a few things we can do to manage these feelings and manage our mental health, whilst working from home:

guy looking down whilst working from home, exercise releases dopamine and seratonin



Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming or lifting weights - get out there and get your blood pumping. Exercise is important for our mental and physical health. It triggers the release of Dopamine and Seratonin, known to improve our moods.

woman working from home, sat having a coffee with her laptop

Be Social


Whilst there are many benefits to working from home, it's important to not become too isolated. Remember to still make time to meet friends, family and colleagues - even if it's just for a coffee. At Doji we try to meet up once a month, for a bit of face time and some fun.

virtual coffee mornings are a thing at Doji as are movie nights

Have Fun


Working hard is great, but we all need some down time sometimes. It's important to set aside some time each week to talk about stuff other than work. Each week we meet virtually for an hour to have a coffee and discuss what's going on in our lives. We also have a brand new movie club!

beautiful little dog taking a nap on a laptop after a hard day of working from home



It's important to take regular breaks and ensure you're making time for the important things in life. Go pick your kids up, walk the dog, play with the cat, whatever you fancy.

Communicate with your colleagues openly



Remember that you're part of a team. We're here to support each other, both professionally and personally. When things are getting on top of us, sometimes just talking to somebody helps. A problem shared, is a problem halved.


Do something worthwhile for the environment

Whilst supporting our own mental health, we should also think about ways that we can help support our planet and combat the climate crisis. When a new phone is produced 40-80kg of CO2 is emitted during the manufacturing process, in fact 80-90% of a mobile device's total emissions occur in the first year of their lives. Buying refurbished can help lower your carbon footprint and save you money, plus every purchase you make through Doji helps protect the rainforest.


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