Get The Most Out Of Bidding On Doji

Auction vs ‘buy it now’ is one of the great internet debates of our time. Do you want to grab yourself a bargain, or pay a bit more for speed and convenience? There’s no right or wrong answer because everyone has different priorities. 

That’s why Doji is doing something you don’t usually see in refurbished tech marketplaces - offering both options.

If you’re the price conscious type, this blog’s for you. 

Understanding Doji’s bid system

Understanding bidding on Doji

The order book is your best source of information for bidding at Doji. It allows you to easily see the highest buy price (bids) and the lowest sell price (asks). 

Once you’ve got that info, it’s time to set a price. This is a balance between what you think will get you the best value and what will be accepted by the seller. From there, you can place your bid, cross your fingers, and keep your eye on the prize!

The winning bid will be the highest price someone is willing to pay for a product, while the lowest ask is the lowest price at which someone is willing to sell a product for. It goes without saying that the highest matching bid wins because no one has put in a bid paying more than you, putting you at the top of the order book.

You can also bid in stages by placing bids that are lower than your highest eventual bid. This means waiting a little bit longer for a match, but it’s a great strategy for getting the best possible value. Your bid will be placed lower in the order book, and if higher bids are matched, your bid will move up in the list. This is a familiar system to both eBay auction users, and anyone who’s dabbled with stock market trading or cryptocurrency.

When you bid on a product with Doji, you’ll always be notified if someone else places a bid or ask on that product, and if you lose or gain the highest bid of the order book. If you place a higher bid than the lowest ask, you’ll get an instant match. That means you immediately win (similar to buying it now). You’ll never pay more than the lowest asking price because Doji’s platform will automatically match your bid with the lowest ask instead.

Not every product will have a bid or an asking price as this depends on user activity, stock, and demand. Even so, you can check out the “Compare our pricing” table to see prices for each product by others in the market, and use this as a reference to make your bid or buy it now.

Want to be in the driving seat next time you buy a refurbished mobile phone? Get and try our bid system today.


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