Doji's Sustainability Progress Report 2022

At Doji we want to have a positive impact on our planet, and we want to help you do the same. With this in mind, we run emissions reporting on our entire business to see where we can tighten up practices and reduce our carbon footprint. Our staff mostly work remotely, so perhaps unsurprisingly we found that the majority of our emissions were driven by our employees. We wanted to challenge our staff to see how much they could reduce their emissions by, and so we created the Do-jit Challenge. We wanted to show that combined individual actions would help use progress as a company towards a common goal - reducing our emissions.

The Do-jit Challenge was a team competition, so we created 4 groups of employees and pitted them against each other to see who could drive the greatest change in their emissions. We had bi-weekly meetings where our staff would share their progress and tips with each other, our employees could choose their own topics and we wanted them to inspire each other. Topics included: 100 tips to improve sustainability, conscious consumerism, food waste and composting, and updates from the UNGC Private Enterprise Forum.

We also signed up to the Greenr App, which allowed us to gamify our challenge. Our staff could take Environmental Pledges and track their progress - these pledges all gave us a tangible amount of CO2 we were able to reduce and we earned points for each completed. Our pledges included: donating electrical goods, going dairy free for a month, red meat free, buying refurbished tech, buying vintage clothing, supporting local businesses and charities. Over the period our challenge ran for, we received weekly and monthly reports showing which teams were achieving the greatest emissions reductions. Over 75% of our employees took part in the challenge and the overall reductions driven by our team were fantastic:

Our team took a total of 225 pledges in October, which resulted in a reduction of 1.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the month - this is the equivalent of 56 trees growing for a year. Overall we reduced the CO2 our business produced by 1,288kg in October alone!

That’s not all we’ve done this year though: we also became a carbon neutral business and thanks to our partnership with OneTribe, we’ve now protected over 54 acres of rainforest which helped to store 5,369 tonnes of carbon and offset the emissions from over 1,140 cars!

To help you have a positive impact on our planet and shop smarter, we’re sharing some pledges you can take for the new year! We’re also protecting 5 trees for every user that signs up to Doji this January, and providing a special discount!


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