New Year’s Resolutions for Our Planet | Sustainable Living

Every year we all set ourselves new year’s resolutions, which we normally follow for a short period of time. These resolutions frequently focus on things that benefit our health, such as; giving up smoking, losing weight or picking up a new sport. This year at Doji, we’re setting our community a challenge: to make new year’s resolutions that benefit the whole planet.

Here are a few new year’s resolution ideas you can easily follow, that over time will help adapt your behaviours - saving you money and helping to fight climate change:

1. Switch over to reusable batteries:

We’ve all been there, your TV remote runs out of juice and suddenly you’re digging through drawers trying to find a replacement AA or AAA battery. These batteries are often disposed of incorrectly and end up in general waste. They cause damage to our planet as they degrade, pumping harmful chemicals into our soil and environment. On top of this we send strong signals to manufacturers that we need more produced, but the solution is simple…switch to rechargeable batteries. Not only will you be reducing your electronic waste, you’ll be saving money and helping support our planet.

2. Start tracking your emissions and waste:

We often have no idea about how much waste we’re really producing, and it comes in a whole host of forms: food, food packaging, plastic bottles, personal hygiene products, electronics, and much more. We recommend auditing the waste your household creates, and then making the necessary changes to reduce it.

You can also use IOS/Android Apps like Greenr to gamify this and set yourself, your colleagues and family challenges - so you drive an even greater impact!

3. Reduce your power consumption:

Have you ever thought about the amount of power your devices draw? If not, it might be time to start. Our electronics require a large amount of power, even in standby, this results in us spending more on our electrical bills and reduces the lifespan of our electronics. TVs, laptops, computer screens, ovens, anything you have plugged into your mains will draw power even when you think it’s off.

We recommend turning items off at the mains to save yourself money and help the planet. A smart plug or smart power strip will allow you to turn off specific items - even when you’re out of the house! 

4. Donate or sell used items:

We all basically collect clothing throughout our lives, but chances are that you have items in your wardrobe that you haven’t touched this last year. These clothes could either make you some extra cash, or they could go to a worthy cause. Either way, you’ll be decluttering your house and supporting our planet.

5. Buy nothing new:

This is the biggest change you can make and it can save you a hell of a lot of money. Whether you’re a fashionista or technophile, your buying habits have a negative impact on our world. Fast fashions and consumer goods cause a huge amount of damage to our planet, and the majority of emissions come from the manufacturing and shipping of the product! 

On average a mobile phone produces 85kg of emissions in its first year of life, so why not avoid this completely? Buying a used item doesn’t mean you’re getting an inferior product, in fact by purchasing your tech items from companies like Doji, you’re side stepping about 80% of the total emissions. You still get a 12-month warranty, as with a new product, and you’re extending the life of a phone or tablet that’s nowhere near obsolete.

We hope you take up the challenge and take steps to support the health of our planet, share your progress with us on Instagram and show us your sustainable new year’s resolutions!

Can’t wait to get started? Here are some things you can do right now, that will also have a positive impact:

  • Create an account on Doji and protect five trees in the rainforest, plus get an exclusive discount.
  • Sign up to OneTribe’s newsletter and instantly protect 10 trees in the rainforest.
  • Donate hats, scarfs, coats and food to homeless charities! This is a great thing to do, especially given the weather at the moment.
  • Go meat or cheese free for a week.
  • Volunteer in your local community.

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