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The global used mobile phone market is expanding each year. In 2021, this growth was 15%, and in 2022 it reached 11.5%, according to studies by Counter Point Research and IDC, respectively. What's surprising is when we contrast these figures with the more modest growth of the new device market, where this dynamic could be due to various factors, such as increased device durability, heightened environmental awareness, or the pursuit of more affordable products.

However, purchasing a used phone can be frustrating if you're not careful. It's crucial to opt for a reliable method to acquire such devices, ensuring the product is in good condition. This is where we come in!

Doji is a specialised marketplace for used mobile phones. We act as intermediaries for regular buyers and professional sellers looking to ensure a straightforward and secure transaction.

So, how do we make buying used mobile phones 100% safe and hassle-free, whilst ensuring fair prices and warranties?

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What will you find in this article?

- How Doji categorises the condition of used phones?

- Doji's stringent and transparent process and the reason we don't display actual photos of the used devices

- Launch of the new page dedicated to explaining the verification process and condition examples at Doji

- The benefits of purchasing from Doji and its role in the mobile ecosystem

- Doji worldwide

How are devices categorised at Doji?

Doji categorises its used phones into three conditions:

Excellent (Grade A)

Almost flawless device with no marks on the screen. Sides and back may have nearly invisible scratches. In this grade, the battery health is at least 85%.

Very Good (Grade B)

Screen may have minimal scratches, which become invisible at arm's length or when the screen is on. Sides and back might have light scratches, but no dents or cracks. Battery health in this grade is at least 83%.

Good (Grade C)

Screen may have visible scratches at arm's length but are unnoticeable with the screen on. Sides and back may show scratches or marks but won't have cracks or dents. Battery health here is at least 83%.

Rigorous Verification Process

To ensure that all our used mobile phones are in good shape, we only allow on the platform sellers that have been certified by Doji. They conduct a stringent verification process in each device listed on the platform, which includes:

- Visual Inspection: Technicians meticulously inspect each phone to check for physical damages, scratches or wear marks to categorise them into grades.

- Functionality Tests: Every phone is tested to ensure all features are functioning correctly.

- Battery Tests: Each phone's battery health is verified, ensuring it's at a minimum of 83% for "Good" and "Very Good" conditions, and 85% for "Excellent".

- Over 52 Functionality Tests: Using advanced software and our specialist's expertise, we test everything on the phones sold through Doji's platform. This includes screen quality and touch functionality, flashlight, camera, face recognition, fingerprint scanner, SIM-card, touch sensitivity, motion, proximity sensor, and much more.

Since Doji ensures the product's quality and condition, and that they will be delivered as expected, we don't require sellers to provide photographs of the devices. Later, we'll delve deeper into our 12-month warranty and extended 30-day return period.

Provenance and Safety - Secure IMEI Verification

Besides the tests evaluating the technical and aesthetic quality, the device's origin is crucial. Technicians also verify each phone's IMEI to ensure it's not flagged as stolen or lost. This check isn't limited to carriers in UK but worldwide, adding another safety layer.

What is the IMEI number? It's a unique identification number assigned to every mobile phone. If a phone's IMEI is blocked due to theft or loss, it cannot be used.

Positive Impact on the Ecosystem

Beyond the positive impact on sustainability of bolstering the used phone market, this verification process also helps strengthen the financial and legal ecosystem, saving headaches for buyers and sellers alike.

You are saved of the hassle of receiving a phone that doesn't match the expected condition, eliminating the need for returns. Moreover, the verification process combats the illegal used phone market, benefitting all parties involved.

Launch of Exclusive Page on Verification and Device Conditions at Doji

Doji is launching a dedicated page/website to better explain the verification process. Click here to access!

On this page, customers can find detailed information about the device conditions, the tests performed, and how our experts guarantee the phones' condition.

12-Month Warranty

Beyond this rigorous verification process, Doji also offers a 12-month warranty for all used mobile phones sold on the site. This means if you purchase a used phone from Doji and encounter an issue within 12 months, you can exchange it or receive a full refund.

Based in the UK and Brazil

Doji is a company headquartered in both in the UK and Brazil. This means our customers can purchase used mobile phones with security and confidence in both regions. Buy refurbished safely with Doji now.

Thank you for reading. I hope to write again soon and bring updates to the Doji community worldwide!

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