There’s been another big update on the Doji trading platform!

Hello, my name is Hugo Yang and for the last 18 months I’ve been the product leader here at Doji.  I’m delighted to debut as an author on the Doji Blog to share details of what the team have been tirelessly working on, that I’m calling the Doji Unleashed update.  

My goal is to build a closer and more transparent relationship with all sellers, buyers, partners, professional traders, and investors who together with us build the dream of a fairer, safer, and more convenient trading platform for buying and selling smartphones.  

Doji Unleashed will be shared as an ongoing series covering updates on launches, news, and improvements each month. The updates will be split into the following four sections to make the content more accessible:

Monthly Highlight -  What are the biggest changes to the Doji platform and ecosystem that we make in our product releases.

Buying Update -  How we are working on delivering the five star buying experience needed to make buying refurbished the norm.

Selling News - People want a simple and quick way to get the best value for their old smartphones and we have regular improvements to make selling easier.

Upcoming Launches - any news we can reveal about what's next on the roadmap

Hopefully you’ll find these updates useful. Without further ado, let's check out the Doji launches and improvements in June 2023.

June Highlight

...Introducing Doji Trade-in

One of the biggest pains in the used smartphone market is that you can’t get a fair price for your old smartphone when it's time to exchange it for a new one. 

We observed a pattern of behaviour on Doji from customers who would both buy a phone and sell a phone on our platform at similar times.  When we spoke to customers about this, we found that people were Value Shopping, offsetting the price of their old phone to get the best value on their next phone and didn’t want to pay a new phone premium. 

To facilitate this operation and provide an even better experience, we officially launched the Doji Trade-in. With an online and simplified experience, users can now buy a smartphone on Doji and receive a fair value for their previous device in exchange. This means doubling the power of savings with the convenience of doing everything in one place.

Click here to learn more about how to use Doji Trade-In and benefits.

Buying Update

Verified Sellers

On product pages, we have added a Verified Seller badge to indicate that the product has been tested and verified by our selling partners. We are proud that this can be added to 100% of all product pages.

All products bought on Doji will be checked by one of our many Professional Sellers. Doji sets the standards for grading and testing that Professional Sellers adhere to.

We have implemented rigorous measures to ensure that Professional Sellers are vetted by Doji and follow the same grading and testing standards.  

Customers can have confidence to buy refurbished knowing Doji is synonymous with safety and guaranteed quality.

Redesigned Product Pages

We have revamped and redesigned the Product page to make the critical information easier to access & sped up page load speeds to improve the customer experience.

One of the advantages of Doji is that we are obsessed with making our platform simpler and more efficient to use.  To make your search and choice of your next smartphone faster, we have redesigned our selector of smartphone model characteristics.

The new version allows you to compare the different models in the same line more agilely, and thus make more informed decisions to find the ideal product.

Upcoming Launches

Upgrading Trade-in

We are already working on streamlining the new Trade-in feature, so it becomes a truly one-stop experience. 

Soon, you will be able to exchange your old smartphone while looking for a new one, all in the same flow. This will make it even easier and bring more security and visibility of the process within your account at Doji.

Adding New Vs Used Price Comparison

We understand the importance of easily finding the best offers available on the platform. Soon, we will launch a price comparison feature between new and used products.

The price advantage that the buyer has from buying a used smartphone instead of a new one is not always clear. So, we will bring this comparison to facilitate the decision by offering more information in the shopping experience at Doji.

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve found the update useful!  Before I finish, I wanted to say that we really want to hear from you!  We take your feedback seriously and use it when prioritising what changes to make.  Send an email to if you want to get involved, have feedback or have any questions.  Your opinion is very valuable to me and the team.

Until next month!

Hugo Yang