World Mental Health Day 2022

It's time to make mental health a global priority!

Mental health problems will impact all of our lives in some way, if you or somebody you know is struggling - it always helps to talk. If you don't feel confident speaking to your family or friends, don't feel ashamed to reach out to a professional. We all need a little extra help some times.

Tips to help you look after your mental health

Manage your sleep better: Develop a proper bedtime routine and get a good 7-9 hours a night. Avoid TV and other screens before bed to help you switch off quicker.

Try to eat healthier foods: What we eat and drink affects our bodies, brains and moods. Some foods may give you a temporary high, but there's normally a low that follows.

Get exercising: Exercise is great for the body and the mind. It's proven to release endorphins that help reduce feelings of stress or anger.

Don't let things get on top of you: We've all been there, you avoid an issue until it becomes impossible not to. But out of sight doesn't necessarily mean out of mind. Don't let you problems build up, set small achievable daily goals.

Get out in nature: We need to protect our planet, but it can also help protect our mental health. Getting out in nature can be an incredibly calming way to spend an afternoon or evening.