What Makes Doji Different?

Meet Doji, the secondhand marketplace for mobile phones that you didn’t know you needed.

“Secondhand… Like eBay or facebook marketplace?”

Yes but also no. If you buy a secondhand phone on either of those, it’s unlikely to be verified or refurbished.

“Refurbished… Like Mazuma mobile or Music Magpie?”

Yes but again, no. Neither of those sites gives you control to set the pricing and make bids, nor do they offer real time price transparency based on what the market’s doing at the time.

“Ok that does sound different. I’m listening”.

Let’s start with the basics. Why buy refurbished… Isn’t it easier to get an upgrade from your supplier?

Easier, maybe. But it will cost you a lot more, with mobile contracts creeping up to £70+ per month. But there are other, less obvious costs. And we’re going to explore those now.

The refurbished revolution: Because there’s no Planet B

Selection of used phones available on Doji

We can’t avoid the climate crisis. Everyone’s concerned about the environment because if we don’t all play a part in reversing the damage that’s already been done to planet Earth, we face dire consequences. Some that we’re already seeing - with forest fires, changing seasons, and extreme weather.

New means further adding to our problem of overconsumption - extracting base materials from the earth, releasing ever more carbon emissions during production, and usually, letting the old, unwanted device further clog up landfills. 

Here are some concerning stats on the e-waste problem, courtesy of earth911.com:

  • Global e-waste volumes grew by 21% between 2104 and 2019, according to the United Nations, a pace that will lead to a doubling of e-waste in just 16 years. The world discarded 53.6 million tons of e-waste in 2019. 
  • Only 17.4% of e-waste discarded in 2019 was recycled.
  • The value of the raw materials contained in the e-waste produced in the US during 2019 was $7.49 billion. 

At Doji, we’re here to make buying into the circular economy the obvious choice for everyone. That’s our purpose, to expand the lifespan of every mobile device, because once ‘reusing’ becomes the norm, these problems start to dissipate. We understand that consumers want quality, fair pricing, and convenience - so we’re determined to make Doji the number 1 in each of these areas.

Peer to peer refurbished reselling

On the topic of overconsumption, Doji doesn’t build up ‘stock’. We’re not resellers so we don’t inflate prices and minimise sale prices for the sake of our margins. We could have chosen to do that, but is it really what the world needs more of? 

Instead, we facilitate the interaction between verified and professional sellers and regular buyers, providing the infrastructure for easier, fairer, and safer secondhand transactions. 

We even guarantee the sales of every phone above ‘fair’ condition - taking away that ‘risky’ feeling that accompanies secondhand transactions.

If it was easy - everyone would do it

That’s what we’re counting on. 

To bring more people around to the idea that “newer” doesn’t always mean “easier” - we make sure every transaction is simple and fast.

As a buyer on Doji, you never have to interact with your seller - we take that on for you. That means you’re guaranteed a quibble-free, hassle free transaction. 

We make sure you get paid (we have our methods, but no broken knees), and we’re responsible for you receiving your product safely. 

It’s as easy as “leave it to us”.

The control is in your hands

At Doji, we think you should get as much control over the buying process as you want. That’s why we offer two ways to buy and sell. 

If speed is your priority - you can buy instantly in just a few clicks and you’re still guaranteed a fair and very competitive price relative to the rest of the market.

But what if you’re more interested in getting the very best price on the market? We give you access to real time data, so you can see what others are paying and earning on each sale. From there you can make your own rules - choosing an offer price. You can even make offers for products that aren’t yet on sale.

Your safety and security comes first

For however long we own a mobile phone - that device becomes our world. It houses banking details and passwords. Notes and photographs. Apps and browser bookmarks. So it can sometimes feel daunting to buy second hand, because, what if something gets missed? How was the device used before?

At Doji, we have a team of experts verifying each device before you buy. No need to worry because your safety is our concern.

Fair and transparent fees

Each buyer pays a £5 standard fee on each transaction. This is how we make our money and means we can give you more competitive prices than all those who are pricing based on margins.

Other things that make Doji special

  • You can put down the camera and dictionary. Our product listings are standardised - so you never need to create an ad or listing yourself. 
  • No secret admin fees. Want to change your price? No problem, change anything, anytime, as often as you want.
  • Everyone gets a free account and can instantly start buying with zero hassle via Doji’s managed marketplace.

So if you didn’t know, now you know. We’re here to be the most simple, affordable, and fair marketplace on the planet.

Why not see for yourself? Get Doji today.


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