Non-Genuine Part Warning on Your iPhone

Is your iPhone showing a warning from Apple? Or Unknown Part warning?

If you’ve purchased a refurbished iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone XR or iPhone XS then congratulations! You’ve just made a really good decision and helped stop some of the environmental damage caused by the tech industry.

Occasionally, when you buy refurbished iPhones you can receive a few warnings from your device. There are a few different warnings you might see, for example:

  • “Important Battery Message – Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple Battery.”
  • "Unknown Part"
  • "Important Message"

But what do these warnings really mean, and should you be concerned?

Well don’t worry, these messages only appear when work has been carried out on your device. Depending on the iPhone you have, they can provide you with information on what’s been replaced or repaired – this could be battery, screen or camera.

The only way to prevent this message appearing is to have your iPhone repaired at an Apple Genius Bar or an Apple Authorised Service Provider. But it doesn’t mean that battery, camera or screen is faulty – it’s just been replaced or repaired. At Doji, when we put these products through our 52-point check we make sure these parts are equal or better than the manufacturers original components.

The message will only be visible on your lock screen for 4 days and in your settings for a further 15 days. It does not affect the performance of your refurbished iPhone at all!

How do I check what’s been repaired or replaced?

If you’re using iOS 15.2 or later, all you need to do is head to ‘Settings’, then click ‘General’ and ‘About’. Once you’re in this section, you should see an option for ‘Parts and Service History’ – from here you can see which parts have been replaced or repaired.

If the part isn’t a genuine Apple part, or recognised by the device, you will see the message ‘Unknown Part’.

If the repairs were carried out the genuine Apple components, you will see ‘Genuine Apple Part’.

So I shouldn’t be worried?

You shouldn’t worry at all! We guarantee the performance of your device and you’re covered by our 12-month warranty and 30-day returns policy if you’re not happy.

Our Professional Sellers certify that all parts and repairs carried out on your device are at least the same standard of component as those Apple would use themselves.

Should you face any issues, we’re always here to support and find a solution for you!


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