How Much Is My iPad Mini 4 Worth?

If you own an iPad Mini 4 that you seem to be using less, or even that's just sat on a shelf gathering dust, it might be time to consider selling it. There's far more interest in used and refurbished tech at the moment. People have started to realise that you don't have to sacrifice much in terms of the quality and condition of the device to get an amazing deal!

With this in mind, we've looked at the top places you can sell your iPad Mini 4 in the UK and compiled a list to show you the cash you can expect from each.

What are the most important factors when selling an iPad Mini 4?

ipad mini 4 available on Doji

Unsurprising, it's the condition of the device and the size. The larger the memory of the device, the more cash you can expect for it. It's the same with the condition, the fewer scratches or dents on the tablet the better. Other important factors include whether the iPad is Wifi only, or whether it takes sim cards. The colour of the device also plays its part in the price.

Apple iPads don't hold their value as well as the iPhones, their value drops at a far greater rate over time. So if you are thinking about selling an iPad Mini 4, you might want to hurry up to maximise your earnings from it.

Price Comparisons: iPad Mini 4

To create a fair comparison, we'll be comparing like-for-like tablets on each platform. In this article we'll be comparing iPad 4 Mini 64GB Wifi models, in good condition. All pricing information was correct at the time of this article being written.

Platform Value Sale Info
You get £40.00
(They sell for £195)
They buy your product and
sell it on for a profit.
You get £87.00
(They sell for £150)
They buy your product and
sell it on for a profit.
(12.5% seller's fee)
Direct to buyer sale. You pay seller's fee and delivery costs.