Break The Cycle: Small Business Goes Big Competition

We’ve got some great news to share: we’re a winner of the Small Business Goes Big Competition run by Adobe Express and JC Decaux. You’ll soon be seeing our digital posters appearing all around the UK, we’re really excited to have this opportunity and wanted to share some background.

What is ‘Small Business Goes Big’?

Running a business can be demanding, with small teams you’re often stretched and this makes it hard to find the time to effectively market yourself everywhere. Adobe Express invited entrants to design a simple yet eye-catching advert using their software. The winning entries will be featured on over 100 JCDecaux digital screens, bus shelters, and display towers across the UK. Ten winners will share the campaign worth £100,000, with each winning design seen by an estimated one million people.

First we were shortlisted and then the judges selected 10 winning entries across the UK's regions. The expert judging panel included:

  • Simon Morris, Senior Director, Digital Media Marketing at Adobe
  • Emma Jones CBE, founder of Enterprise Nation
  • Joe Hills, Head of Nurture at JCDecaux
  • Lucy Werner and Hadrien Chatelet, founders of Hype Yourself

Break The Cycle: What Does It Mean?

Doji team checking out their work in London!

You might be wondering what we mean when we say ‘Break The Cycle’, so we wanted to take the time to explain our concept. We want to help challenge our community, and the UK public in general, by asking them to think about their consumer habits and how they affect our planet and its inhabitants.

We all fall into repetitive cycles, it’s often easier to repeat a behaviour because it’s simpler and we know the expected outcome. Unfortunately, this is especially relevant in the tech industry. We all quite readily talk about vintage bikes and used clothing, but why not refurbished phones and tablets?

The tech industry causes irreparable damage to our world, and we all fall into the cycles driven by our contracts. We get a new phone, use it for 18-24 months, then we look at purchasing another new phone and signing up to another contract for 18-24 months. This causes more mining of finite resources and production of devices, releasing more greenhouse gases and worsening the effects of climate change.

By buying refurbished phones and tablets you’re breaking the cycle of destruction to environments around the world, but the best part? You’re going to save yourself a load of cash too:

A new iPhone 13 128GB at Curry’s would cost you: £729.99

A Nearly New iPhone 13 128GB on Doji would cost you: £589 (20% saving)

It comes with a 12-month warranty, and although you’re buying from real people around the UK from the Doji marketplace, we test and ensure everything works correctly before it reaches you!

So, are you ready to take up the challenge? Start breaking the cycle today, on Doji.


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