Things You Can Do With Doji's New Sustainable Packaging

So, you've just received your new phone in Doji's brand new sustainable packaging! We're really proud of our packaging, and wanted to share some of the reasons you should love it too. We've even included a few ideas to help you extend its life even further.

Reasons you should love our sustainable packaging

The bag: the bag your new device arrived in in fully compostable, and it leaves non-toxic residue. Even the ink is soy-based!
The box: the box your new phone came in is fully recyclable and made from over 70% recycled materials. It was manufactured in Europe, so hasn't traveled far at all, plus it contains zero plastics!
The bubble wrap: isn't actually bubble wrap, it's a honeycomb wrapping. It's reusable, fully biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. It doesn't only provide the same level of protection for your device, it's 100% greener!
The filler: our void filler is made of wood wool, it's made from kiln dried wood shavings. It's recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free, and made carbon neutrally.
The note from our founders: our founders want to see our world flourish, so their personal note to you is sent out on seeded paper! Once you've read it, bury it in your garden and wait for the wild flowers to bloom.

doji's new sustainable packaging

Things you can do with our packaging

  1. Make yourself a desktop phone stand for your new phone, get all your notifications without reaching for your phone! Plus you can make it fully customised, so it fits all those troublesome items you're always misplacing!
  2. Start your own wildflower garden, at home or around the office! Just take the note from our founders and bury it, wait a little while, then boom! A garden full of flowers (nearly).
  3. Add our bag and bubble wrap to your composter, then use it to feed your vegetables or even the wildflowers!
  4. Give it to your kids, they always find ingenious ways to repurpose cardboard boxes!

Whatever you do, make sure you let us know. Share your cardboard box creations with us on Instagram, we want to see what you come up with!


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