Discover the new Stock Management Experience

Hello Doji Community! I hope you're doing great.

We've got some cool news to share to our Professional Traders and Business partners. But, before anything, I would like to start this article by saying a big "thank you" for the ones that participated in meetings with us and gave us sincere and straightforward feedback about how we could improve our Stock Management tool.

We've heard you loud and clear, and we’re working harder than ever to improve your experience managing your orders and inventory on Doji, and ultimately to bring in more sales for you.

So, today I'm really excited to announce the latest features and improvements done on our Stock Management tool, that will make your life on Doji much easier! Here they are:

1. One SKU per line

Say goodbye to the days of managing multiple lines for the same product. With our new Aggregation feature on the Stock Management tool, each SKU (Model +Colour + Capacity + Condition) now has a line of its own, making finding your products a whole lot easier.

The new “Quantity” column allows you to check how many units you have listed for each SKU, and makes updating Price and stock Qty effortlessly, making every click count.

2. Zero Stock

This one has been heavily requested!

Our tool now allows you to set the Qty of a product to 0, without deleting the listing from the table. The same thing happens when you sell the last unit of a product.

With this big improvement, you no longer have to go through the "Add Item" flow every time a product sells out, giving you more control and flexibility over your inventory.

3. Quicker Editing

Updating prices and adjusting stock quantities has never been more straightforward.

You can now start editing Price and Qty simply by clicking over the values on the table. Once you make the changes, simply hit Enter, or click on the green checkmark button to make it official!

This streamlined process reduces unnecessary clicks, making your experience more intuitive and more familiar with other popular inventory management softwares out there.

4. Faster Loading & Search

The whole purpose of our Stock Management tool is to provide convenience and efficiency to your operation. With that in mind, we've worked behind the scenes to improve on some of the invisible features that make the tool work.

You can now experience faster load times on all actions, allowing you to access crucial information swiftly. To make your life easier, we have improved our Search engine capabilities, to ensure that you can quickly and accurately locate specific products, making your overall experience more intuitive.

5. Fresh Look

We've given our Stock Management a fresh new look, to make it more on-brand! Who said managing your stock couldn't be both functional and stylish?

We Are Listening!

Your feedback matters to us. We've heard your concerns and are dedicated to enhancing your experience on Doji. This update is just the beginning, and we want to assure you that we're actively listening to our partners. Do you have any suggestions or insights to improve your experience with our Stock Management tool? We're all ears. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that your voice shapes the future of Doji.

We also want again to offer special thanks to all of our partners who gave a bit of their time to participate in interviews with our team, in order to improve the product. We couldn’t do it without you!

Coming Soon...

We are very happy wtih this update, and want to celebrate this milestone with you. But we're are also super excited to share what's next on the horizon for our partnership. Keep an eye out for some massive upcoming features, like:

  • Your Product SKU: Add your own SKU to the products in the Stock Management, which will allow you to easily search for your products and make faster decisions;
  • Open API (Alpha): We are already selecting some Business Partners to try out our Open API stock integration. If you are interested, please contatct us at;
  • Partner Interviews - Payout & Return: We will be reaching out with survey and interview invitations to learn how we can reduce your manual work and improve your operations, and further understand big pain points and bottlenecks that our partners find when selling on Doji.