Sell on Doji at the price you want!

No need to create a listing, simply search for your device and start selling.

Your sale, your rules - you can either set your own price or choose the ‘sell now’ price (if available).

Doji will handle everything once you send us your device. No need to worry about warranties, shipping and buyer messages.

Get paid in 3 days, once we have recieved your product.

Northern Ireland Users
Apologies but as our service is still relatively new, we're only able to support collection and deliveries to mainland UK. We are working on it!
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4 steps to sell your old device at doji

01. Search for your device

Make sure your device is unlocked, and check the conditions - we will ask you to assess the condition!

02. Set your price

Next set your price or choose from an already available price set by another individual like you! We will price match your price with that of another of individual to help you get the most money for your device

03. Send your device to us

Send your device to Doji with our home collection shipping service. Our team of experts will diagnose the product. We verify the condition of the product and pay you.

04. You get your payment!

P-a-y-o-u-t! You’ll be paid as soon as we’ve received and validated your old device, according to your grading!

As a seller at Doji,
you have the power to:

Sell instantly, to the highest bidder.
List your goods easily and quickly, without the need to upload descriptions or pictures
Grade your phone automatically via our simple grading verification process
Use our Orderbook to check how much other Doji customers are paying and place an ask accordingly
Enjoy peace of mind as our team takes on complete responsibility of all warranty disputes and returns