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You can sell instantly or just set your own asking price. We show the best prices in real time, based on live data. Enjoy total price transparency!
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4 steps to sell your old device at Doji

01. Search for your device

Make sure your device is unlocked, and check the conditions - we will ask you to assess the condition!

02. Set your price

You decide whether to set the price you want to sell for or you can sell instantly to the highest bidder.

03. Send your device to us

Our team of experts will verify the product using our 52-point check and confirm the grade.

04. You get your payment!

P-a-y-o-u-t! You get paid within 2 working days from the day we receive your product.*

*If our grading assessment is different to the sold condition, we will contact you with a new offer or return your device.

As a seller at Doji,
you have the power to:

Sell instantly, to the highest bidder.
List your goods easily and quickly, without the need to upload descriptions or pictures
Grade your device automatically via our simple grading verification process
Use our Orderbook to check how much other Doji customers are paying and place an ask accordingly
Enjoy peace of mind as our team takes on complete responsibility of all warranty disputes and returns