Doji Guarantee
All Doji working devices are covered by our 12-month guarantee
How Doji Guarantee Works
All Doji working handsets are covered by our 12-month guarantee
This means all products EXCEPT those that Need Repairs are covered by the Doji Guarantee. If you have any issues, please send your device to us with our shipping service. Our team of experts will diagnose any issues. If the problem is covered by our warranty, we’ll fix it and return it to you in full-working order. If we can’t fix it, we’ll send you a like-for-like replacement. We promise to work as fast as we can, to make sure your new replacement arrives within 3 working days at your door. Our guarantee is fair, but if the device has a problem because it’s been fixed by someone else, dropped, spilled on it, or fallen in the bath, our warranty won’t cover that.
How Doji Verification Works
Every product you see on Doji has been carefully verified by our specialists.
We verify Functionality
We verify Battery
We verify Security
We verify Cosmetic checks
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